E3 2017 Open to the public!?How do you buy E3 tickets you ask?

In an unprecedented move for the convention, E3 2017 will be selling tickets to the public of their video game trade event for the first time.

What seems to be another year for attention grabbing blockbuster video game announcements, enthusiasts are in for a treat this year as 15,000 tickets will be up for grabs for the public in 2017.  Here it is on their website.

How to buy E3 tickets: When is E3 2017?

E3 will be held in the month of June, between June 13th-15th, in Los Angeles California.

How to buy E3 tickets: When are E3 2017 tickets on sale?

Word is out on the street that the tickets will become available on Monday, February 13th, 9am PST / 12pm EST.

How to buy E3 tickets: How much do E3 2017 tickets cost?

The first day “limited” early sale is $150 for tickets (limited to 1,000).  Once they sell out, they become available at $250.

How to buy E3 tickets: E3 set to come more like San Diego’s Comic Con?

Previously only limited to the press, exhibitors, and industry related members, E3 aims to become more like San Diego’s Comic Con.  Opening up to the public generates revenue and buzz for all participates with minor inconvenience of crowding to industry insiders.  A small price to pay for creating excitement for the fans.

With San Diego Comic Con busting at the seams in growth for years now, expect to see the same with E3.

How to buy E3 tickets?

Register here for E3 2017 tickets!